#4 Five quickie questions to Marius

Marius Abele ist RUN WTF Pro Athlete.
Well, we love running. And we love to see young talents grow. Therfore we are really happy to welcome Marius Abele as RUN WTF Pro Athlet to our RUN WTF family. In order to get to now better, we asked Marius five quickie questions. 

Constanze: Marius, it's really great to have you with us! Every runner has their own specialities. And many people are certainly curious about your favourite running habits. So here are five quickie question for you!

Constanze: Downhill or Uphill?  
Marius: Easy one: Uphill! 

Constanze: Crewrunner or lonesome Wolf?
Marius: In Tempo sessions, I'm a total Crewrunner, but on my Easy runs I become a lonesome Wolf.

Constanze: Your favorite music picks for running?
Marius: ⁠I just listen to nature. 

Constanze: If you're not running, what then do you do?
Marius: ⁠I like to restore retro bikes.

Constanze: What does „being a runner“ mean to you?
Marius: It‘s a kind of magic to me. Running helps me to deal with every situation in life.

Constanze: Thank you, Marius!

If you would like to find out more about Marius' training and season, why not follow him on Instagram? @mariusabeele00. Information about our RUN WTF athletes can be found on this site.

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