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Care Guide for your running apparel

Care Guide for your running apparel

If you don't want to read the care instructions on your favorite RUN WTF styles, we have listed the most important care instructions here.
First of all: we are committed to sustainable solutions. To maximise the lifetime of your garments, you need to take good care of them. 

Increase product longevity - protect resources

As washing in the washing machine damages textile fibres as well as causes the fibres to be washed out, the washing machine should be run as rarely as possible. Nevertheless, we want our clothes to smell fresh and feel pleasant to wear. No doubt about that. To solve this problem, we have found a sustainable solution from the Swedish company Polygiene: POLYGIENE StayFresh™.

A small change with a big effect: wear more - wash less.

Running Apparel equipped with POLYGIENE StayFresh™ technology does not need to be washed after each use, since the technology inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria in the fabric, which are responsible for the typical "sweat odour" in textiles. This means that your favourite pieces stay hygienically fresh for much longer and can simply be hung up in an airy place to dry after wearing. They are then free from unpleasant odours and ready for your next running session. It works. Just try it out!

RUN WTF Running Apparel x Polygiene

A positive effect for you and our environment. With this technology you are able to save water, energy, detergent and time.

And you increase the lifespan of your RUN WTF product. So this is good for the environment and your wallet! 

And when you do have to wash

These are a couple of tips for eco-friendly washing: For the care and cleaning of all RUN WTF products, we recommend following the instructions below:

  • Wash at 30 degrees or less
  • Wash always inside out
  • Wash with similar colors
  • Do not use softener
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron
  • Remove direcly from washer
  • We recommend the use of a wash bag

      If you have any questions about the care of our products or about POLYGIENE® StayFresh, please contact our service.