RUN WTF Running Apparel High-Performance Laufbekleidung für Laufsportfans, die Wert auf Style und Nachhaltigkeit legen.


About RUN WTF Running Apparel

Born from the love of the sport, we are more than just a running apparel brand; we are a mindset, a community, and a celebration of the extraordinary journey that running is. We feel moved while running: mentally and physically. We find balance, we experience dynamism and we bathe in euphoria. At the same time, running demands everything from us. We understand the paradoxical nature of running—the destruction and victory that coexist within every step. In the Pain Cave and beyond, we embrace the ambiguity that makes runners exceptional. We run for the experience, the emotions, and the challenge.

RUN WTF is not just a brand; it's a mindset for those who run.

That's why we want to run. Just run. Run to experience this tribunate of feelings. Always. That's been driving Flo Neuschwander, the founder of RUN WTF, for more than 25 years. If anyone loves this sport, it's Flo. In all these years he has experienced ups and downs. As you would expect from a good run. He is still at it. He lives for it. And he is the founder of RUN WTF.  

Flo Neuschwander's enduring love for running is the heartbeat of RUN WTF. His passion is the driving force behind the creation of our performance running apparel. It's a state of mind that says, "No matter what, go out and run!" We believe in going beyond our limits, seeking experiences, and embracing the feelings that running evokes. RUN WTF is what runners feel in every sense of the word, connecting runners worldwide.

Our mission: Create running gear that reflects the dual nature of running—strength and vulnerability, destruction and victory. Our designs, crafted by Flo Neuschwander and his Team, embody this duality, ensuring you're always ready for the ambiguity of your next running adventure.

 RUN WTF stands for Performance Running Apparel developed by a small team in Germany. With technical know-how and innovative ideas we created for runners by runners. We are convinced that RUN WTF will take your running routine to the next level. No matter why you run.

We celebrate the moments when you give your all to running amid the chaos of everyday life, work, and family. We recognize your outstanding commitment to the sport, and with RUN WTF, we invite you to join our club—a community that shares your passion for running.

Be Outstanding!