If you go for a run, you sweat. That's part of the job. Whether on the trail, on the road or on the treadmill. Sweating is a process that we cannot switch off. And that's a good thing. What is not so good, however, is what moisture does to our sportswear. Bacteria that produce odours grow in the sweat and being absorbed by the clothing. 

As a result, sportswear smells mean after the first wear. The only way to deal with it is to put them in the washing machine after almost every running session. This uses water, electricity, detergent and time. The result is an impact on the environment (and your wallet). Moreover, frequent washing causes clothing to suffer Their longevity is reduced by the washing process.


That's why we were looking for ways to break the cycle and came across Polygiene. Polygiene is an innovative technology that permanently stops the development of odour-causing bacteria so that clothing can be worn for longer before it is washed. The odor control solution uses an antimicrobial agent made from recycled silver salts to inhibit the growth of odour-causing microorganisms. This means that sportswear does not smell after a running session and therefore does not have to go into the washing machine.

This is good for the planet, as this technology saves a large proportion of the environmental impact caused by washing clothing.



At RUN WTF, all items have been equipped with Polygiene's Stay-Fresh technology since 2024. This technology is a real plus, especially in the running sector, because you sweat a lot when you run. This means that functional clothing stays fresh for longer and only needs to be air-dried and not washed in between running sessions. 

All products equipped with Stay Fresh technology are identified on the product page.